Why Do Christians Struggle with Economics?

“Here is a theory (with a debt to Rothbard, Hoppe, Kinsella, et al.) about why this situation persists. People who live and work primarily within the religious milieu are dealing mainly with goods of an infinite nature. These are goods like salvation, the intercession of saints, prayers of an infinitely replicable nature, texts, images, and songs that constitute non-scarce goods, the nature of which requires no rationing, allocation, and choices regarding their distribution.

None of these goods takes up physical space. One can make infinite copies of them. They can be used without displacing other instances of the good. They do not depreciate with time. Their integrity remains intact no matter how many times they are used. Thus they require no economization. For that reason, there need to be no property norms concerning their use. They need not be priced. There is no problem associated with their rational allocation. They are what economists call “free goods.”

If one exists, lives, and thinks primarily in the realm of the non-scarce good, the problems associated with scarcity — the realm that concerns economics — will always be elusive. To be sure, it might seem strange to think of things such as grace, ideas, prayers, and images as goods, but this term merely describes something that is desired by people. (There are also things we might describe as nongoods, which are things that no one wants.) So it is not really a point of controversy to use this term. What really requires explanation is the description of prayers, grace, text, images, and music as non-scarce goods that require no economization.”


Can You Be a Christian and “NeverTrumper” Simultaneously

Uncomfortable questions to share with your friends who claim to be Christian and simultaneously boast of being “Never Trumper” but never bothered declaring themselves “NeverObama”.

Imagine if a right-wing version of Robert Mueller, backed by a properly pro-Trump legal team, had sent former President Barack Obama the same sort of questions that Mueller allegedly delivered this week to President Trump. The special counsel might dress them up in legalese, innuendo, and with perjury-trap IEDs, thereby casting suspicion with the mere nature of the questions.

If so, the interrogatories might run like the following—

What if Mueller Questioned Barack Obama?

Contra the Social and Economic Justice Warriors

A significant number of modern Catholics are consumed with revolutionary ideas about social ‘justice’, and while a smaller but equally dangerous group are obsessed with economic ‘justice’, both have adopted what is essentially humanistic materialism.

Here is an authentic Catholic approach to life:

“I met a Catholic once who was the most different person I ever saw. That’s really what keeps me searching among his co-religionists. Met him on a bus going out to Chicago and he gave me his address but I lost it. Worst mistake I ever made.

This Catholic was married and about thirty. We got talking about economic security and birth control. His theory was that God is not bound by a rotten economic system and that if you did what was right and just you’d turn up with enough meals a day to keep going, and anything else that was really necessary. He kept quoting “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” He claimed it really meant something and that he’d tested it out.

For instance, he had five kids and his economic position had all along been what you might call precarious. This was just after the depression, and he and his family had been through it without missing a meal and with a few extras at Christmas time.

His jobs hadn’t been ideal, but not bad either. He had quit twice in protest against injustices to other people; so you couldn’t say he had compromised his principles. He considered the matter of having children as they came sort of a test of faith, and he laid it down as a general rule that God will supply extra food for every extra child.”

Carol Jackson (1947)

When Do We Disband the FBI and Return Law Enforcement to the States?

Although we are living in increasingly perilous times in America, with the Deep State thrashing about, the Left growing in violence and confidence and the full cowardice and impotence of the Right on display, technology is ripping the scab off pus-filled presstitutes. They can no longer hide everything all the time.