I Still Can’t Believe I’ve Never Been to (Facebook) Jail

NC17 warning (this may be the post that gets me into FB jail after four years of tempting them daily).

Don’t scroll down unless you are an adult comfortable and mature enough to deal with references to the female body -found here on Facebook, BTW. To my sons, that means: this is not for you.






I just saw a video on FB showing a cult of Feminazis who host “Vagina Watching Workshops” (actually I think they mean genital-watching workshops, since little to none of the vagina was visible). The women view themselves with mirrors and cameras, other women gaze into their labia and clitoris, and then they create plaster casts of their…inner thighs and external genitalia.

Now, let’s face it, they’re all more or less alike. Like people, they come in different shapes, sizes, colors and…well, you get the point. So why the obsession with them?

Yeah…so I’m not going to say anything more about women at this moment, although a great deal *could* be said. Here’s the REAL reason for this post:

Why is Alex Jones too dangerous for FB but these Feminazis and their genitalia are fine? (No, don’t ask me for a link to the video. It showed up on my timeline b/c I’ve been invited, but not accepted, an invitation to join a certain group of Meninists here on FB).

The Protestant Revulsion to Mary

For a variety of reasons, I tend to avoid arguing with my protestant friends. For one, I stay busy teaching and defending the Catholic faith with fellow Catholics. Secondly, I’ve found that a person really needs to be open to hearing a different perspective for the possibility of productive dialogue.
However, when a friend says that a devotion to Mary is more repulsive than atheism, I’m inclined to speak up. (Yes, it was a Calvinist).
It has always struck me as illogical that protestants are so eager to ask one another-not just sinners, but those predestined to hell-to pray for them, but consider it idolatry (literally), to ask those *already in heaven* to pray for them.
This obstinance regarding Mary is all the more unusual given that even the most extreme fundamentalist would proclaim belief in the 10 Commandments, which even in abridged, modern translations includes the obligation to “honor father and mother”, and would even go so far as to admit that imitating Christ-the perfect, sinless man-would be a good thing (1 Cor 11:1)…so long as we don’t imitate too perfectly His honoring of His mother.
They recoil at statues to the mother of the King of Kings, but erect statues of earthly royalty, reformers, Masons and warmongers. They abhor pictures of the mother of God but cover their timelines with pictures of family, friends and acquaintances, all of whom are alienated from the righteousness of God and at least some of whom are no doubt completely depraved.
One need not be a Papist to recognize the philosophical error. So what are we to do about them?

The Malicious Witness

“Word of the Day: GOSSIP

The other day I heard the first somewhat unflattering description of the behavior of some — some — of our students. It wasn’t that they got drunk, or fornicated, or cheated on papers, or did drugs, or got into fights, as is par for the course everywhere else. It’s that some of the girls engaged in GOSSIP. The trouble is that the walls and floors in the dormitory are rather thin, so that two girls talking about a third girl would be overheard by ten others.

Men GOSSIP too, but it isn’t so much fraught with emotion. Consider it to be another case of a gift gone awry. Women do use words more often than men do, and women are in fact more keenly attuned to the feelings of others. You want that sort of thing in the sex that is to take care of babies and small children. You do not want that sort of thing in the sex that is to hunt buffalo. You want, in the buffalo-hunting sex, a different gift, one that can also be abused or that can harden into something bad: the capacity to bracket your feelings and put them in the closet marked “Inconsequential,” because what counts are not feelings but getting the particular job done. And if the job is complex and risky, like bringing down the buffalo, or building the cathedral, or digging the canal, most expressions of personal feeling are quite simply in the way.

Anyhow, there is the GOSSIP. I was actually a bit surprised by it, because I hadn’t detected a trace of it over a whole year. But then, I wouldn’t. I’m not interested enough in the particular dynamics of any social group to notice. Or — something else: I sense sometimes that I MIGHT notice the swirls and eddies of strong feeling, grudges, hurt, envy, and maneuvering, if I tried really hard, but that I prefer not to notice, because noticing them spoils what’s more important. They might as well not exist.

The sex that is sensitive to the emotional needs of others may use that sensitivity to make the lives of their rivals, namely other girls, just a little more troublesome, a little more blue, a little more lonely. Boys fight, and the fights are sometimes pretty bloody. Yet sometimes the fights conclude in fast friendships. Girls themselves tell me that their fights are not like that at all. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

The Church considers GOSSIP to verge upon a serious sin, one that I must confess to have committed often enough in life — and one that we tend to overlook, because it does not exactly involve lying. It is the sin of DETRACTION. It means that you run down the character of somebody else by telling bad TRUTHS about him, and if DETRACTION is not a LIE, it is in a real sense more harmful to the victim, who has no defense against it. I have had to guard against this sin ever since I was made conscious of it. In general. ALL use of the tongue (or the pen) that violates the commandment of charity against the legitimate secrets of individual persons violates the commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

The word GOSSIP originally denoted a person, not an action: your GOD-SIBB, that is, your SPONSOR at Baptism or Confirmation: your GOD-KINSMAN. The SIBB part of it suggests somebody who is intimately related to you — to your SELF: it is related to the hundreds of words in Indo-European languages having to do with your SELF or your OWN; cf. the Latin reflexive SE; Greek IDIOS, one’s OWN; German SEIN, HIS. Chaucer’s Wife of Bath talks a lot to her GOSSIP, that is, her female neighbor, and already the suggestion is that the talk isn’t very nice.” – Tony Esolen

Are We All Really ‘Slaves’, as Some on the Left (and Right), Claim?

A Facebook friend claimed we are all just slaves:

The truly amazing thing about America is that its workers have been persuaded that they really want to build the pyramids. Slaves who believe they are free are so much easier to control.

Another mocked the notion that Americans are adequately fed, paid and housed.  To top it all off, he claimed we lack sufficient leisure time!

As for myself, I work a lot (perhaps 50 hours a week), because I have a large family to support and commitments to others. But I enjoy leisure time as well, frequently after 6pm, usually on Saturdays, and always on Sundays.  My list of leisure activities-and between my work, teaching children, domestic duties, prayer and Church activities is not really very extensive-includes books, music, television, internet, radio, newspaper, a fully-equipped gymnasium, public greenways, libraries, parks, tennis…the list of leisure activities that are low cost or free is almost exhausting.

This daily leisure time-adding up to nearly as many hours as I work in a week-puts me in the category with Kings, doesn’t it?

And, if I (really here I am talking about the ‘we’ of the first world), didn’t want multiple cars, multiple smart phones, cable, dinner out and the long list of other luxuries even the poor among us enjoy (if you doubt that the poor enjoy multiple cars, smart phones and cable, spend more time in the ER, or at prison waiting rooms, or at WalMart, or around public housing), well, if I didn’t have the freedom to choose to work more to enjoy these luxuries, I could work even less!

The truth is that large numbers of our population do not work at all (whether they are retired-such a thing never existed before-early retirement, dropped out of the workforce, on welfare, etc), and the 40 hour work week is a relatively modern invention.

Our ancestors would be humiliated that we complain about working so little hours at jobs that are, more comfortable, easier and safer than ever before!

As men, as Christians, as Americans, we need to practice gratitude, not envy. Envy is the lifeblood of the enemy. It destroys souls, families and cultures. (I point to the American culture as the prime evidence).