Hate Mail

I get a lot of hate mail.  Readers may enjoy a sample of what my interlocutors have to say about me-and occasionally-my ideas.  I’ve always found that how a person behaves when their ideas are challenged says a lot about their ideas as well as their character.  Prepare yourself for what happens when you challenge the opinions of the Left and the otherwise mentally or spiritually sick:

“A fake traditional Catholic who claims to have 10 children”  Maria Joseph

“You are willfully ignorant…guilty of idolatry…blind follower of an abominable antichrist church…your prayers to Mary will send you to hell”  Job Elihu Braun

“Pure ignorance and envy..fundamentally dishonest…petty…the laity are often wrong and small-minded” Father William Phillip DeVous, Diocese of Covington

“I know the type in a suit.  I will write to cardinals to stop you from getting in.  Self entitled idiot.  You are harmful, can’t even do your homework.  Self obsessed.  I hope you don’t hope for political office.”  Lee James Waite

“Utter ignorance and mendacity”, Joshua Kenz

“You should spend the next 20 years doing public penance and less time telling people about your “divine law” Simcha Fisher

“You are really sick…depraved…greedy…one cannot get more dishonest than you…” Guillermo Lobo

“ I will prove why you were only in the Air Force. Just saying. My last name doesn’t get to dictate your racism, bro. You don’t know a thing about me, and to be quite honest, a pretty potent argument could be made that whatever success you have had in life, ranging from aiding and abetting an immoral military-industrial complex to being in bed with the very financial industry that the very theological-doctrinal tradition you claim to fidelity to has condemned for more than a century, might make you a hypocrite. “  Gabriel S. Sanchez, Assistant Editor, Angelus Press

“You are a coward…disingenuous and downright dishonest…”  Father Dana Christensen, Diocese of Sioux Falls

“Syncophant crypto-sedevacantist modernist…prepare to be dominated….you will be my whipping boy”  John Wassmer

“Half-truth gossip, slander and calumny…you and your iron deficiency…wiggle all you want”, Kevin Liner

“Stupid !@#$%^& a@@hole” John Medaille, University of Dallas

“A philosophy based on Wikipedia…a screed of ignorance and linquistic deficiency”  Jonathan Arrington

“Stupid lying coward with a man-crush on a canonical criminal…you’re cursed”  Alice Herrick-Davis


“You’re a pig…a rape apologist…you should be ashamed of yourself” L’Rae Whipple

“You’ll lie about anything because abortion…you cravenly use dead babies for your lust for power…” Corey Bowers

“I’m someone with a background in intelligence…you know nothing about intelligence and have only ignorance and lies”.   Cyril Koob

“You are truly deranged.  You don’t give a $#@! about the unborn….Just give me one example.  Give me one example I can raise you 5 Tim Murphies.” Laura Calise Neiemeyer

“Say another word about your anti-Pope and his Jewish religion and I’ll block you and cut you off from the true body of christ” Eric Gajewski, TradCatKnight

“Hahahahahaha… you’re a crazy person…. your eccentric ire is… wildly amusing. You clearly don’t have a clue ….you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about….you are overwrought trying to hackneye an acumen…someone needs to point out you don’t have a clue.” Bam Bam Mammutjeger

“Disgusting ‘prolife’ Christianist using human shields for rape apologetics”.  Mark Shea

“blatant racism, sexism, cruelty, hatred, lying, and contempt for the poor…You coddle a racist…it’s all about abortion to you…you are evil…part of you is evil…coward…so depraved…” Gavin Byrnes

“Jeff pays lip service to protecting babies in the womb but de fide adheres to the structures of sin that lead to it.  He doesn’t argue so much as demand submission to his opinion.”  John Ruplinger

“Your ideas about the faith and history are too radical…you are a very confused person.  I am a great admirer of Lincoln.”  Rick Stikes, Bishop of Knoxville, TN

“You’re just masking murder and support of murder under a pseudonym like ‘federalism’…modernist…you cannot justify the murder of children through states rights arguments…it does not pass mustard with God..woe unto you…” Tonino Vicari

“You accepts all kinds of terms perhaps because you’re not catholic.
A bunch of devided [sic] sects cannot be Catholic. SSPX, CMRI, SSPV, Lutheran, novus ordo etc.  Lutherans claim to be ca  You’re someone who believes souls can be saved in false religions.  Stop telling people you’re catholic. ”  Justin Link