The Deep State Flexes

It used to be that the communications between attorney and client were protected, but now, if you lose an election, you can get your friends in the NSA to wiretap your opponent and your friends in the DOJ to manufacture evidence, they can then both leak to the MSM so your friends in Congress will call for a Special Counsel, who will then seize the once-protected communications, so you can charge the President with obstructing the justice he is obliged to enforce, and refer the case to congress to impeach (which they will, assuming the Dems win in November).

Asking the rhetorical question again, “If they can do this to a billionaire President of the United States, what can they do to you?” #HomeOfTheFree

P.S.  Please don’t counter that the DOJ and FBI are respecting attorney-client privilege when the DOJ and the FBI are the organizations that worked with Hillary Clinton to weaponize the FISA process and turn our foreign intelligence agencies into domestic espionage organizations for the use of the Left.

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The Scourge of Protectionism

American protectionists all cheered last month when they learned they were going to be able to pay higher prices on steel and everything made with steel-thousands of products.

Will they also cheer now that their employers will sell a lot less of more than 100 different products ranging from food to cars? And why is it that when it comes to economic matters and history, Americans are so willfully ignorant? Prediction: When the market crashes, trade collapses and unemployment skyrockets, will they blame the anti-trade protectionist policies?… Read the rest