Arrogance and Ignorance

If you are unmarried and not a parent you should probably think twice about telling a husband of 25 years and father of 14 children that he’s doing everything wrong and doesn’t understand women and the formation of children.

I get it; you might be right about everything, and I might be wrong about everything, your distance and lack of experience may give you a clarity of understanding and a wisdom my intimate familiarity prevents, and my perpetual error may blind me to the reality such that I see good where only evil exists, and my errant perception of my success to date may in fact be delusion which turns what I perceive as virtuous fortitude into irrational stubbornness, but the odds very much lean towards your manifestation of the Dunning-Krueger Syndrome, or as one old friend of mine says, “Arrogance and ignorance are a lethal combination”.

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Physicians Who Should Have Been Clinicians

I complained to my neurologist today about rapid weight gain despite daily fasting, short-term memory loss despite a rigid and disciplined organization methodology and nightly lucid nightmares which have turned my sleeping into a sort of living hell.

She responded, “Oh wow, that’s really cool! Each of those symptoms alone are pretty common to your meds, but you’ve got all three! Would you like to try something different?”… Read the rest

Why Do Men Allow Women To Dominate Them?

I’m in this FB group for Catholic men, and a new member asked why there were women in a group for Catholic men. I had not noticed this before, but I asked myself the same thing.

Within moments the new guy got attacked and ridiculed for asking the question, and women warned other men not to dare think in that same way and it was implied that if they spoke up along these lines there was something wrong with them, perhaps something dark and even cowardly.

Soon all sorts of men (mostly millennials, in all fairness), were also rushing to condemn men who think that men’s groups should be for men, and begging the offended women to stay, and declaring their love and fondness for all women, regardless of how they behave in a men’s group.

The admin/moderator of the page remained silent.

So much of what I believe about the problems with the family, the Church and modern society have just been definitively confirmed.

There are some interesting demonstrations of this point in my FB post:

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