Dad’s Special Pizza Sauce

This is Dad’s Special Pizza Sauce. Adults and children alike will love you if you get them to help in preparation.

Pour yourself a glass of wine.

It is best if you can start with tomatoes you grow in your own garden. Boil a pot of them, skin them, then mash them up (this is a good job for teenagers by the way) , then run them through the blender. Or, you can just use a 12 oz can of paste.

12 oz water(or a 12 oz can of sauce, depend upon whether you use fresh tomatoes or paste).

2 TBP garlic, minced
4 TBP honey
1 ½ tp onion poweder
½ tp oregano
½ tp marjoram
½ tp basil
½ tp pepper
¼ tp cayenne
6 tbp parm cheese
2 TBP Salt
1/2 cup chianti

Mix all of the ingredients in a large pot on the stove. Put on low to medium Heat. If it is really watery you will need to heat it for a while without the top on. If you use paste and sauce, you will not need this step.

Refill your glass.

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Dad’s Special Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

I’ve made more homemade pizzas from scratch than most of you will eat in a lifetime. Want the recipe for Dad’s Special Thin Crust Pizza? Consider it my gift for the Octave of Father’s Day.

First, pour yourself a large glass of red wine. Chianti is hard to beat, or a Cabernet. Here’s your ingredient list :

9 cups of flour
3.5 TP salt
2 TP yeast
½ cup olive oil
3.5 cup cold water

Mix flour, salt and yeast together, then add oil and cold water. Get a teenager to mix and roll vigorously. Refill your wine glass.

This should make 8 thin crust pizzas. Do NOT let them rise. Pre-heat the oven to 450. Optional: check the oven to see if your Wife put a plastic cutting board with a cut up watermelon in the oven. 😠

At this point, you have an option. You can either dust the pizza pan with cornmeal, or you can oil it with a EVOO. I encourage you to try both to see which you prefer.

Place the pizza on the pan on the bottom rack of your oven for five minutes. Then remove the pizza from the pizza pan and place it back into the oven on the rack naked. Cook for another 5 minutes or so. Refill your glass.

I’ll cover Dad’s Special Pizza Sauce in another post.

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#2 Graduates from JP2 and The Best Commencement Speech Ever

We’ve had so many graduations the last week I’ve fallen behind. Noneandrewjp2 made me more proud than my #2, who was a star on the football field and maintained a 3.9 GPA.

Andrew could have played college football at a dozen different schools, but chose to focus on academics and, well, finding a good Catholic girl to marry and have babies with. He’ll study Construction Management at UT Chattanooga this fall.

This was the graduation speech by Dr. Peper, a theologian:

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How to Grow Healthy, Delicious Food In Your Spare Bedroom

Meatless Fridays with hydroponically grown wheat grass, dill, basil, microgreens, tomatoes, spinach, beets, red kale and more.

Mark Miller at Indoor Grower’s World has been teaching me all about hydroponics, aquaponics and growing food in a controlled environment.  I must admit it’s kind of exciting to eat food you’ve grown yourself.



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