DeepState Coup #2

Remember when people laughed at the idea of a Deep State?

“Federal records show that the intelligence community secretly revised the formal whistleblower complaint form in August 2019 to eliminate the requirement of direct, first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing.”

I don’t think this coup attempt will be any more successful than the first.

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Predictions for 2018, Impeachment, Pardons and More

We still have two months to the elections, and I’ll stick by my prediction from six months ago that Republicans lose 20 seats, but if they do lose >24, impeachment is now guaranteed in the House. (Thank God for the Senate). The impeachment will work in Trump’s favor through 2020, and if he keeps us out of neo-con wars and the economy does not collapse, he’ll win re-election and the GOP will retake the House.

P.S. I’m also willing to predict Manafort’s sentence is commuted after the mid-terms

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About Those “Children” at the Border and Their “Cages”

90% of the “children” coming across the border aren’t even accompanied by their parents (they are often teenage boys coming to work with relatives in the US). The 10% who ARE separated from their parents pending adjudication have it pretty good in the interim:

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When Do We Disband the FBI and Return Law Enforcement to the States?

Although we are living in increasingly perilous times in America, with the Deep State thrashing about, the Left growing in violence and confidence and the full cowardice and impotence of the Right on display, technology is ripping the scab off pus-filled presstitutes. They can no longer hide everything all the time.… Read the rest